Saturday 1 February 2014

A great opportunity to learn how to blog: Ometz offers two courses

I have been blogging seriously for many years now. So often I meet someone who tells me, "Oh,  I wish I could do that too!"

Well, it is not particularly difficult. But yes, one needs some training. I am self taught. So are most of my friends and colleagues. For those who really want to get it right,  Agence Ometz has a fantastic program on tap.

On Wednesday, Februart 5 (5:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.) in the computer lab (#307) of Federation CJA ( 1 CarrĂ© Cummings Square/5151 Cote St. Catherine), you can learn the basic ins and outs of blogging by starting your own blog and learning how to effectively write and target your message. This course is perfect for anyone maintaining or starting a personal blog and those interested in managing existing corporate blogs.  Lesley Bishin  is the instructor. She notes that this first class is for beginners.

A follow up ntermediate level course is set for the same time and location on Wednesday, February 19. So this will be for  participants with some blogging experience and Internet proficiency who would like to increase their skills, expand their following/visibility and take a personal or corporate blog to the next level. Here you will learn how to harness Wordpress to effectively target your audience, add tags, categories, meta tags and learn about basic SEO. Hands on, this course is a comprehensive technical workshop which requires basic understanding of the Internet.  

The cost for both courses is $55 each.

You can register  here for the February 5 course and here for February 19.

For more details call 514-342-0000 #3329.