About Mike

Born and raised in Côte Saint-Luc, Mike Cohen began his career with The Suburban Newspaper in 1979 at the age of 16 when he wrote about the local softball league. He moved on to The Monitor Newspaper, but eventually returned to The Suburban as a sports columnist and full-time news reporter. It was during these years that then publisher Michael Wollock handed him the page 4 city column, which was dubbed  "Cohen Chatter." He gave up that column in 1988 upon being hired as the communications director of the Canadian Jewish Congress, retaining his sports column for a brief period.  After reviving "Cohen Chatter" in The Weekly Herald and again with The Monitor, he returned to The Suburban once again as a columnist and features writer in1996. Today, Mike writes a city and community Public Eye columns, special features and advertorials, restaurant reviews, files a blog on The Suburban website and contributes to The Suburban Magazine.

Mike is also the communications and marketing specialist for the English Montreal School Board and serves as the city councillor for District 2 in Côte Saint-Luc. He was elected  in 2005 and acclaimed for a second term in 2009.

While earning his BA in Communications and Journalism at Concordia University, Mike worked full-time as the assistant sports editor of the now defunct Sunday Express Newspaper. It was owned by Quebecor.


  1. I would like you to report on the fact that Montreal has NO live anglo reporting overnight. This means if something crazy should happen like, say, a hurricane or an earthquake or an ice storm, there is not a single reporter on-air to inform this city of four million. How embarrassing for us! So if there is an emergency, the population will just have to wait till morning to find out what's going on - and possibly how to survive. Please address this issue, perhaps on CJAD, where its current overnight programming is filled with talk of alien abductions. News radio indeed!

  2. Hi Mike, i send you twice this message and I could not see it on the blog
    “A client wouldn't copy paste a paid review “ ....
    - first, the “copy & paste” was not a “paid review” ,
    - second, how you could be in my mind to know what I am thinking, what I could do or not, for somebody I appreciate ?
    I have the same question for you !?!?!?!?
    Since Parthenon becomes your competitor you don’t stop writing any kind of bad comments against. (first one on Dec 31st 2012) Why?
    Nobody stops you eating to Yia Sou, go-ahead, “it’s fantastic”. By the time you accuse me appreciate Parthenon for their job, how come you spend your time writing those comments if you are not the Yia Sou owner?
    If I “take the time to dissect every comment here” I do it because I could not find any common sense on what you and your friends are doing. I took the time, exactly like I am doing now, answering to you. It’s a pleasure. I expect at least you understood !!!
    It’s really puerile those “lol” and “Of course you're the owner, lol” !!!
    Thank you for understanding !!!

    1. Is this comment written in English ?