Monday 24 November 2014

Annual Notable Awards set to take flight in Montreal

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Julian Brass

This year's Notable Awards will be held in Montreal,  Vancouver and Toronto, with our edition set to take place on Wednesday, November 26 at the Centre de Science. I have  met Notable founder and CEO Julian Brass and the man is a true mover and shaker.

"This story is a top-40-under-40-style crowd with plenty of cool, given the organization’s membership composed of the youngest of Canada's outstanding professionals," says  Katia Piccolino, publicist for Notable and the PR boss at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel. "It's the Oscar’s for the young professional world."

Kimberly Marx
Here are the categories.

Advertising & Marketing Professional

The recipient of this award is among the very best in the business when it comes to creatively and strategically getting products on the minds of potential customers. One  of the nominees is Kimberly Marx, who has done a fantastic job since joining Interaction Asian Restaurants (P.F. Chang's Canada) last year.

Architecture and Real Estate

The recipient of this award develops or sells some of Canada’s most sought-after properties.

Arts & Culture

The recipient of this award uses their right side of the brain better than anyone in the industry, and can turn heads with their work everywhere people see it.

Best Bartender

The recipient of this award understands exactly how to guarantee you’ll be coming back for a second round – from what’s in the glass to exceptional service.

Best Blog

The recipient of this award has made their mark on the digital space with a significant, loyal following to match. They’re an expert within their niche and have an endearing offline personality too.

Best Chef

The recipient of this award leads a kitchen that’s the talk of the town; they create meals where you can’t help but Instagram every course.

Best DJ

The recipient of this award can move any dance floor, no matter the crowd or genre. Their name alone sells tickets to some of the city's hottest events and clubs.

Best Online Business

The recipient of this award is a master of the ecommerce game and understands what it takes to stand out from the crowd.

Best Personal Brand

The recipient of this award has done exceptional work in their industry by selling services, products or ideas under their own name.

Best Restaurant or Lounge

The recipient of this award has established a culinary gem in their city where anything less than consistent five-star ratings just doesn't happen.

Sugar Sammy


The recipient of this award really doesn’t need an introduction. They grace red carpets across the world on a regular basis and can usually be found in the VIP section. Sugar Sammy, comedian extraordinaire, is one of the nominees.

Digital or Media Agency

The receiving agency of this award is not only delivering immense value for its clients but also fosters a culture of growth and opportunity for its staff. The agency also foster an internal culture of supporting the community and charities around them.
(agency must verify that at least 50% of your Canadian employees are under the age of 45)


The recipient of this award is teaching our next generation of thought-leaders through immersive, innovative and motivational strategies – they’re the mentor we all will one day want our children to have growing up.

Jessica Laventure

The recipient of this award is making waves on stage or screen through a combination of enviable charisma and technical skills. They're the reason you tune in – whatever it is. This is an interesting competition with the likes of Alexandre Despatie, Joanne Vrakas and Wilder Weir of City; Natasha Gargiulo, Freeway Frank and Andrea Collins from Virgin Radio;  and Jessica Laventure from Global TV.


The recipient of this award is an absolute game changer in Canada, having built an exceptional business that is innovative, profitable, sustainable and enhances people’s lives.

Environmental Sustainability

The recipient of this award is the greenest thinker in the room, making decisions with our planet's future's well-being always top of mind.

Event Planning

The recipient of this award plans celebrations, soirees, galas, fundraisers and getaways that are among the hottest tickets every single year. You compare every social outing to the last event they hosted to see how it stacks up. My old friend Lorne Levitt from Total Events is nominated.


The recipient of this award is accelerating Canada's growing fashion scene and is one of the most recognized names in the industry, both at home and abroad. Sarrah Sheiner from Show and Tell Fashion is nominated. She will be in Toronto, where is a nominee  for yet another very prestigious award.


The winner of this award is someone who is a force in all things finance-related.


The recipient of this award dedicates almost every waking hour to ensure others are living their most healthy lives possible and is the first person you want to call in a medical emergency.

Hospitality Management

The recipient of this award is the reason you give five stars for service and always tip above what's recommended. They’re the reason you keep coming back.


The recipient of this award covers some of world’s most pressing issues and responsibly forms public opinion on matters both in Canada and abroad through the written word. It is nice to see Toula Drimonis nominated. She was the last editor of The Monitor Newspaper, before it supposedly switched to an online only publication but effectively folded. Toula is a great blogger.


The recipient of this award makes the cast of Suits jealous with their expertise in the world of law. They’re the king or queen of the courtroom.

Not For Profit

The recipient of this award is as giving as they come, always with the intention of seeing their hard work pay off for those in need. Denburk Reid, director of community relations for the Montreal Alouettes and someone who undertakes many programs for community leaders,  is a worthy nominee.

Public Relations and Communications

The recipient of this award has all the connections, strategies, and expertise to take your business or personal brand to the next level. They elevate the brands of some of Canada’s top companies and celebrities. I like Dan Delmar and Leeja Murphy in this category; Dan started his own PR firm a few years ago while Leeja handles media relations for Comic Con and a whole lot more.

The recipient of this award is someone who can successfully sell Leonardo DiCaprio that pen in Wolf of Wall Street. This person knows a thing or two about the perfect pitch.

Social Entrepreneurship

The recipient of this award understands the necessity of using business and innovation to solve social problems - their work often involves a goal towards the greater good.

Social Media

The recipient of this award lives and breathes in the online world, using dozens of platforms and multimedia to creatively and strategically present information to large followings.

Sports and Fitness

The recipient of this award is among the most active young professionals in Canada and often uses their skills to help others reach their personal fitness goals. Can anyone really beat the Habs' PK Subban in this category?