Sunday 17 April 2011

Michael makes broadcasting "Dean's" list

You may remember former news anchor Michael Dean from 940 AM Radio. Well, he has found a clever way to get back into the media by merging his experience in broadcasting with a specialization in finance and real estate to create his own TV show on YouTube called Dollars n Sense. During the federal election campaign he is airing weekly episodes. “Since I already had all the equipment needed, I figured I may as well put it to work for me,” he said.

The show is entirely researched and produced by Dean from his own home studio/office. “As the show is in its infancy viewership is still pretty low. As with many things on the internet - you're just lost in virtual space until you get the word out in other ways. A show like mine - unlike others on You Tube - stands little chance of going viral, simply because the subject matter is a little dry for most and most are looking for cute little kitten videos or the latest on Lindsay Lohan.”

Here is the link:

Michael is a licenced mortgage broker for Dominion Lending Centres. He can be reached at 1-877-333-4983, ext. 770. Log on to or email

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