Monday 25 July 2011

Meeting Quebec's SYTYCDC finalists

When Canadian Idol was on CTV, my family I would visit the Toronto set each summer to take in some live tapings of the program. It was an exciting experience to say the least.Well Idol has been on hiatus for three years, but CTV has another spectacular reality show in So You Think You Can Dance Canada (SYTYCDC). This is actually its fourth season, but for the very first time it began airing in June. That made it possible for me to pencil in a trip to Toronto.

There are 18 dancers (nine couples) left and we were among the large and enthusiastic crowd on hand for the two hour episode which was shown Monday evening and we will be there for the results broadcast on Tuesday. I continue to pull for the four Quebecers.

Following the competition episode, CTV's wonderful media relations crew arranged for me to chat with judges Jean-Marc Genereux, Tre Armstrong, Mary Murphy, Luther Brown, Nico Archambault and Mary Murphy.
That was exciting in and of itself. But when they escorted me to the stage to interview the four Quebec dancers - JP Dubé, Denitsa Ikonomova, Christian Millette and François Pruneau - that was beyond impressive.

The interview will appear in this week's Local Suburban, online at, on late Friday. In the meantime I am hoping that none of them get voted out by the judges on Thursday. In the photo above, the foursome are pictured with myself (far left) and Alex Cohen (far right).

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