Saturday 4 February 2012

The dry humour of NDG's Sean Keane

Dating back more than 20 years ago, when I would regularly frequent the late Ernie Butler's original Comedy Nest, one of my favorite standups was NDG's very own Sean Keane. His dry humour and unique delivery was rip roaring hilarious.

I bump into Sean from time to time at Provigo in NDG and we talk about old times. He is a modest fellow and took a  lot of prodding for me to find out that he recently returned from an appearance at the Winnipeg Comedy Festival, which was broadcast on CBC TV.

 Here is a link to his set. Just click  on the third dot and wait for the commercial to end.
During this broadcast, host Jon Dore explored the boundary between good and bad behaviour with very funny guests Keane, John Wing, Darren Frost, Shazia Mirza,  Mike Ward, Elvira Kurt, and Dan Licoppe.

Here is a clip of how Sean says he met his wife:

How poor was Sean?

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