Wednesday 21 November 2012

Yes I watched The Bachelor Canada: Brad's final choice

Yes, I admit it. Thanks to my new PVR, I did watch City TV's The Bachelor Canada.

Since I know Senator Larry Smith, I was intrigued by the choice of his son Brad, 29, as The Bachelor. The local kid from Hudson who briefly played in the CFL appeared to be a good choice for the role. So I tuned in to the first episode in September and determined it was not for me. Well, a few weeks ago during one of my Friday evening ironing sessions I searched about the PVR to see what was recorded and indeed  the ladies of the house had The Bachelor Canada right there. 
Brad Smith

The Bachelor is a ridiculous concept. It is hard for me to imagine any girl actually want to marry this guy, especially after watching all of the episodes themselves and seeing him get cozy with all the others. Yet marriages have stuck on the US version.

So tonight I sat down with the ladies and watched the finale live.  Spoiler alert. I will tell you who Brad chose.

In the end it was between   Bianka, the 28 year old nurse from Mississauga, Ontario and Whitney, the 24 year old administrative assistant from Calgary. Having watched the last few episodes it was clear that Whitney was not the right one for Brad. In fact it was surprising to see her make it to the final two. But she is drop dead gorgeous and that clearly played on Brad's mind. Bianka, on the other hand, is also a beauty and has a good head on her shoulders.

So yes folks, Brad did choose Bianka and I guess we will find out soon if they are still together and whether a Hudson wedding is being planned. Whitney's performance in the finale was a total train wreck.

Tonight Brad came home to Hudson, meeting Whitney at the Falcon Golf Course. Somehow he was allowed to drive the golf cart home after their game. Waiting for them was dad Larry, mom Leesa, sister Ashley and her husband (former Alouettes kicker Damon Duval), their two kids and Brad's best friend Mike. Nowhere to be seen was Brad's brother Wes, which I found very odd. Poor Whitney was grilled by the family, especially by Ashley. She was so tongue tied that Brad ended up answering the questions for her. Bianka's visit with the family, after enjoying a Lesters steamed hotdog from Hudson's famous Restaurant Sauvé. Larry Smith was not around to meet Bianka. Apparently the Senate was sitting late that evening. But she faired much better, especially with Ashley who proclaimed to Brad that she was the right one to choose.

It was then off to Barbados for the final decision. Whitney, clearly looking to pick a fight with Brad, made his choice really easy. He went to her hotel and told her she was not the one. She closed the door in his face and then walked away. That removed the drama from the much anticipated rose ceremony. A stunning looking Bianka accepted his ring and now we will wait to see if they will live happily ever after.

Yep, I guess I will have to watch the true series finale on Wednesday, November 28\: After the Rose.

Will City TV come back with another Bachelor Canada? I would prefer to see The Bachelorette Canada.

One final note to the CRTC. Please approve the application by Rogers Media for Metro 14 to become a full fledged City TV channel.

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