Thursday 4 April 2013

Andrea Collins moves to Virgin morning shift: Bergman back on the air

There are some changes at Virgin Radio.  Brand Director Mark Bergman is returning to the drive home show as host. Andrea Collins goes back to her original 9 a.m. to Noon shift and Nikki shifts to weekend afternoons.
Collins, seen her speaking at a recent high school Career Day.

I just interviewed Collins two weeks ago and was about to blog about how amazing she is when the news of her time change broke. You will see in the video how much she adored the drive home show.  But as a team player I know she will rise to the occasion, following Freeway Frank and Natasha.

Collins is beautiful, personable and good camera presence. With Virgin likely to become part of Bell Media in the not too distant future, I definitely see  CTV Montreal finding a role for her.

See the Fagstein blog for the total scoop on why Bergman is going back on air.

Here is my video interview with Collins:

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  1. What makes you say that Virgin will be part of Bellmedia...they're still trying to pull the wool of the eyes of the Canadian public and the CRTC..will they ever learn..