Thursday 18 April 2013

Tampa Bay Lightning players like burgers, poutine and chocolate milk

It appears as if downtown Burger Bar Crescent  has become the "Home-For-Away Teams," for both  the NHL and the CFL. Spotted there yesterday were Tampa Bay Lightning  players #91-Steve Stamkos, #26-Martin St-Louis, #2-Eric Brewer, #16-Teddy Purcell, #42-Dana Tyrell and #75-Radko Gudas who walked in unannounced ordering burgers and poutines. 
Steven Stamkos
"They love poutine which is not available in their local markets," owner Morrie Baker says. "They stay away from liquor preferring sodas and chocolate milk which we run out to buy from the local depanneur as a favor since we don't normally sell it. 

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