Tuesday 9 July 2013

Two hundred potential candidates in line for New AM 600 Radio Station

TTP Media may not have finalized plans for a launch date yet of its English news talk radio station at 600 on the AM dial, but that hasn’t stopped the man pegged by Paul Tietolman to run the show from getting ready.

Paul Tietolman
“Since January I have been using social media to let Montrealers know there will be a new choice to get their news and to talk about issues of the day on the radio,” says Steve Kowch from his home in Mississauga where he too is waiting for a launch date.

“Two months ago, I reached out on LinkedIn to connect with people in the Montreal area. The results have been overwhelming. More than 1,200 people in Montreal’s English and cultural communities have connected with me on LinkedIn since May.

"My new connections on LinkedIn include young entrepreneurs, college and university grads, actors, entertainers, artists, sales people, office workers, CEOs and moms and dads who are all integrated in Quebec society and are proud to call the Greater Montreal area home.”

Steve Kowch
Steve says some are potential contributors to the radio station because of their commitment to Montreal’s English community through their involvement in charities, social services, business or the arts and entertainment scene.

In January, Steve used social media to reach out to people whose dream is to be on the radio to send their resume to steve@kowchmedia.com and tell him what they can bring to the new radio station. So far his inbox has more than 200 potential candidates, including some well known broadcasters who want to work at the new radio station.

“It is amazing the talent out there for not only talk show hosts, but reporters, anchors, producers, sales staff, production and operators,” says Kowch. “It is a gold mine of emerging talent. We will not have a problem of living up to our promises at the CRTC to introduce new and diverse voices on the radio station”

Steve’s latest On The Kowch blog at http://kowchmedia.com/blogs/on-the-kowch provides more information on what the New AM600 – his working title for the new radio station – is going to be all about.

“Choice … this is what it’s all about,” he says. “With the CRTC decision allowing Bell Media to own four of the five English radio stations in Montreal – including the city’s only newstalk station -  the time is right for another English radio station in Montreal with new compelling, opinionated talk show hosts and live local newscasts 24/7.”

To find out what Montrealers want to hear and what they think is missing on Montreal radio, Kowch has launched the montrealneedsam600@gmail.com email address.

“I have a track record in Montreal and Toronto of bringing stations closer to the community by making myself available to listeners to hear what they like and don’t like,"  Kowch says.  "I just want to get the jump on what Montrealers want to hear by providing them a forum to express their opinions before we launch.

“We’re building this station from the ground up. So it is important we get this right before we throw the switch to go on air. What better way to do this, than to ask Montrealers for their input by sending an email with their ideas to montrealneedsam600@gmail.com .”

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  1. mark spiresAugust 26, 2013

    Let's make this station not only one for talking heads to dominate the discussion, but for EVERYONE to articulate their points of view!