Wednesday 18 September 2013

Laval council candidate Nicholas Katalifos impresses a constituent

Nicholas Katalifos meets Victor Soussana and Georges Ouaknine.
One of the many reaons why Jean-Claude Gobé is favored to win the race to become the City of Laval's mayor is because of the quality of candidates he has chosen. Such is the case in the St. Martin District, where well known educator and community organizer Nicholas Katalifos is seeking his  first shot at elected office.

I have known Nick for many years and  I would  need more than two hands to count the number of times I encouraged him to take the leap into municipal politics as I did eight years ago in Côte Saint-Luc.  I wish him well and must say I am impressed with the efforts he is putting into the campaign for his Action Laval team.

Earlier this week I was having my haircut by Georges Ouaknine at Inter Coupe Monsieur on Decarie. Nick was driving towards the West End at the time and when I told him Georges lived in Laval and within the confines of his district,  he dropped in to shake hands and accept the encouragement of Georges to visit the local Sephardic synagogue. Georges and his boss Victor Soussana, whose brother-in-law Maurice Cohen is a borough councillor in St. Laurent, were most impressed.

Nick will make an outstanding councillor. I am sure his future constituents will be able to see this the moment they meet him.

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