Sunday 29 September 2013

Sheldon Fried reportedly becomes the latest CJAD casualty

One of the nicest guys in Montreal radio appears to be the latest victim of cuts at CJAD Radio. Only a couple of weeks after Ric Peterson, Claude Beaulieu, Chantal Desjardins and Sharman Yarnell were shown the  door (and Suzanne Desautels demoted  to strictly morning weather and weekend traffic), veteran on air master control producer Sheldon "Twinkles" Fried is reportedly looking for work.
Sheldon Fried
Fried more or less confirmed the news when I reached him via Facebook, but would not elaborate. His Linked In page has been updated to say "worked at Bell Media." Listeners will best know Fried from his time working with Tommy  Schnurmacher. Tommy always made a point of thanking him in a big way during and after each show. But it was Peter Anthony Holder who dubbed  him "Twinkles."

"Sheldon was my producer first when I had him in the evenings back in the early 90's," Holder says.   "It was because of the way that he use to fire the buttons and dramatically raise his hands, almost like a concert pianist, that I dubbed him 'Twinkles.'  If you remember, I created nicknames for all of my producers - at least the ones I liked, anyway) - from Admiral Larry to Rocket Rob to Glenn 'The Wild  Thing' Wildemann.  It all started when I created Sheldon's moniker."

Fried began working for CJAD,  CHOM and Virgin Radio (then CJFM) in 1989.  So here we have another person industry who spent nearly 25 years with the same employer out of work. It is a sad state of affairs, but that is the nasty radio business where there so no such thing as security.

Here is yet another person who would make an excellent contribution to AM 600, when and if it ever signs on.


  1. Time was a 25 year vet got a gold watch. Now, with the corporate suits and accountants running the show, 25 years means you get the boot. Ask any actuary..vets simply cost too much to keep, good, bad, or indifferent. I'm sooo glad I'm out of that rat race.

  2. Sheldon was a great op/producer.

    Al Gravelle

  3. Sheldon Fried served that radio station loyally and enthusiastically for nearly 25 years in a capacity that barely pays minimum wage. It takes a special kind of piece of shit to throw someone like Sheldon onto the street.

  4. Any time I was in the building during a shift when Sheldon was in master control I would always make it a point to visit with Sheldon. He was always glad to chat and never made me feel like I was in his way. The only reason he was let go is because Bell's bean counters know they can hire inexperienced rookies and pay them starvation wages. There is still one guy on the payroll of two stations now that I am waiting for to get sacked and I along with many others will rejoice.

  5. Sheldon Fried like alot of us EX producers were GREAT at what we did , its too bad we never got a union in there !!!! Management has changed in the past few years and really hasnt a clue in what they are doing , the good old days are over !!! Let the truth be told !

  6. Well said Ted .... that was ONLY the cherry on top of the cake !!!!!