Sunday 10 November 2013

New Montreal radio stations delayed until next fall

The Canadian Radio-television Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) has given TTP Media authorization to delay the launch of their 940 AM French talk radio station until September 2014, thereby signalling that the planned AM600 English talk radio station and the 85O AM all-sports outlet will also go on the  air by that time as well.

TTP Media is headed by radio industry veteran Paul Tietolman, former Montreal city councillor Nicolas T├ętrault  and  former FIDO boss Rajiv Pancholy.

I reached Tietolman who told me that there a few reasons for the delay. First and foremost there are some technical difficulties regarding the transmitter site. He also points to the delays that occurred in getting CRTC approval for the AM 600 frequency and the 50,000 watt frequency at 850 AM for French sports talk.
T├ętrault and Tietolman.

Furthermore, Tietolman said he was on hold to see whether the CRTC was going to approve Bell Media's purchase of Astral properties, which included CJAD, Virgin Radio and CHOM.  Bell Media did get the thumbs up at the end of June, which TTP Media had to take into account for its own strategy.

"Our project and strategy was based on launching all three stations in the same location with many services being shared," Tietolman maintains.
So, for radio observers and  the abundance of on air talent anxious to get back to work -especially where AM 600 is concerned - patience will be required.  Radio vet Steve Kowch is still in the mix as the likely general manager of the three stations

It is not unrealistic to predict that the outfit could begin hiring some people in the spring. If Kowch wants to challenge his old station, CJAD, he will need plenty of time to vet potential candidates. How about Ted Bird on the morning show? 

Star media blogger Fagstein did this excellent backgrounder  on TTP Media last month.

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