Monday 23 December 2013

Next Call with Sol: Boxenbaum rocks his way back to the airways via online station

The new look Boxenbaum
Former CJAD talk show host Sol Boxenbaum will make a return to  radio  via internet station He starts on January 6, 2014   Monday through Fridays from midnight to 2 a.m.
“I will be playing music from the 1960s, give or take, plus lots of Quebec artists both on CD and in studio,” he says, noting that he still hopes to catch on with AM600 when it goes on the air next fall.    
For a number of years Sol developed a cult following overnight on CJAD. For the insomniacs, he was a constant companion. As a professional dealing with  gambling addiction, Last Call with Sol became a place to call for people in trouble. On air they received free counselling. But the show turned out to be just about anything people had on their minds. The lines were constantly ablaze. While the program has been off the air since 2010, Sol had one brief foray on an internet radio station. Now he will do so again.
For anyone with internet access, this is no different than listening to the radio. Just log on to the website and listen. It should be fun if you are up at that time.


  1. Good luck, Sol! May you be as popular on as you were on CJAD. I know there are many people out there looking forward to once again having your regular company night after night. You have been missed by many.

  2. Zai Gezeunt, or failing that-have a great one!