Thursday 23 January 2014

CHOM's Jason Rockman launches unique new music/talk program on CJAD

Popular CHOM FM evening show host Jason Rockman, he of Amped with the Rockman, launches a completely new and refreshing program on Saturday, January 25 (7 p.m. to 9 p.m.) on CJAD. It is called On the Record with Jason Rockman. Every week he will welcome a different celebrity to the show to talk about how music has influenced their life. What was the first concert they ever went to? What was the first album they ever bought?  

Sugar Sammy
Stepping into the studio first will be the one and only stand   up  comic Sugar Sammy. “He is a real romantic,” Rockman told me.  “Sammy is into a lot of stuff from the 80s.”

The show will feature a mix of talk and music. “We have a lot of interesting people lined up,” Rockman said, mentioning  Ivan Doroschuk from Men Without Hats, Kelly Osbourne and Allan Thicke to name a few.

Jason Rockman
Rockman, 43, has been with CHOM full-time for four years now. He also does weekly segments on CTV News Channel and with Aaron Rand on CJAD. Prior to his on air career,  Rockman was the lead singer for a band called Slaves on Dope which toured with OZZFEST and were even signed to Ozzy Osbourne’s record label.  “I actually sent my original radio demo to Virgin Radio,” Rockman says. “Patrick Charles, who was working there at the time actually redirected it to CHOM. I had never really thought of that, but it did make sense. My band had won the CHOM Esprit contest and  I was friends with  Too Tall, one  of their longtime hosts.”

CJAD Program Director Chris Bury is very pleased with this new addition to the lineup: “We love the concept for On the Record," he says. "It’s a talk show, but it allows us to dabble in music. I think listeners are going to enjoy the mix and they’re going to hear a side of celebrities they haven’t heard before. I think Jason is the perfect host for this. He’s hard-working and connected. He’s also a musician and can talk about so many different artists and styles of music with authority.”

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