Monday 6 January 2014

Gurman twins promote MK status at Yeh! Yogurt and Café on Radio Shalom's Money and Business Program

Appearing on Radio Shalom 1650 AM, Canada's only all-Jewish radio station, brothers Jon and Marvin Gurman spoke about their decision to have their Quartier Cavendish Yeh! Yogurt and Café location go under rabbinic supervision. They were guests on the Money and Business Show, co-hosted by Samuel Ezerzer, Adam Eidelmann  and Bryan Wolofsky.

Robert Levy, Marvin Gurman, Samuel Ezerzer and Jon Gurman.
It was an entertaining one hour of radio on a station that really has been inappropriately ignored by the organized Jewish community.  Kudos to founder Robert Levy for his efforts and patience in this endeavor. Besides Ezerzer's excellent program, folks like Howie Silbiger, Stan Asher,  Sidney Dworkin,  Dan "Schmelvis" Hartal and  Avi Kimchi are well worth listening to.

You can hear the entire show by clicking here. It is  in a clever YouTube format developed by Ezerzer.

From the time the   Yeh! store opened last May at Quartier Cavendish, all of the products were kosher. However, the Gurmans decided to take the extra step and seek certification of MK-Canada’s Kosher Certifier and have Cavendish serve as the “flagship store” for kosher franchises. 

The Gurmans respond to a question from Eidelmann.
On the Money and Business Show, the Gurmans offered free yogurt for a year to the first family that decides to have a brith at the Quartier Cavendish location. The brit milah is a Jewish religious male circumcision ceremony performed on eight-day-old male infants (actually on the eighth day of the infant's life).

As for the MK status, Marvin Gurman stated: “It’s a natural merger of two great brands, MK and Yeh!. Our goal is to get MK hashgacha in all nine locations currently in Montreal, and we hope it will lead to kosher franchises in other cities as well.”

In addition to frozen yogurt, Yeh!  also serves dessert crepes, and are working on lunch crepes for the kosher crowd as well.  The stores rotate through several flavours, some of which are pareve. “You will always find pareve chocolate, as well as at least one of mango, grapefruit, or lime sorbets,” says Jon Gurman. “The standard dairy flavours are plain, chocolate, and Greek honey, with five additional rotating flavours that included cheesecake, peanut butter, strawberry, blueberry, and pina colada. Eventually no-sugar-added flavours will be added as well.”

Of course self-serve yogurt is nothing without toppings. In addition to several kinds of fresh fruit, there are other healthy options such as flax, granola, and kashi. Patrons looking for something sweeter can choose sprinkles, cookie dough, Hershey’s chocolate, and Reese’s Pieces.  In addition to the toppings, Yeh! provides Ghirardelli syrup in three flavours, as well as hot toppings such as hot fudge. The yogurts and toppings are all cholov stam (milk or dairy products that have been under constant rabbinic supervision from the time of milking the cows until the completion of production and packaging the product).

With the advent of certification through the MK, Yeh! hopes to add catering to their services. “This would involve pre-packaged portions,” says Marvin Gurman. “We will even be introducing  pink kippot!”

The store at Cavendish has seating for almost 20, and an outdoor patio for summer. The décor, featuring mostly pink, is bright and cheerful. According to Mitchell Simon, who is in charge of store development for the company, the MK certification will be in place for a grand Chanukah celebration.  

For more information log on to If you are interested in a Yeh! franchise,  contact Mark Segall at 514-887 2077.

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