Wednesday 19 March 2014

A highly controversial lecture is headed to Montreal on the 9/11 Terrorist attacks

A warning. Some readers still deeply affected by the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks will be offended by what they are about to read.

Over the past decade I have followed the commentaries of my former Suburban Newspaper colleague Craig McKee, who questions the official reports of what really happened on that horrible day in the United States nearly 13 years ago.

Craig contacted me this week, asking that I promote an event he is helping to organize locally. Richard Gage, an architect for the past 26 years,  has researched all three 9/11 skyscraper collapses. He says he can't stand the silence any longer. A group called, is coordinating Gage's 17 Canadian city tour, which began  on  March 13 and stops here
on Wednesday, March 26 (7:30 p.m.) at the McGill University/Leacock Building (855 W Sherbrooke St. W.). Tickets are $15 online here  and $20 at the door.
Craig McKee

"I know this is a controversial subject for many people, but the presentation is scientific and professional," Craig insists. "It deals with the evidence only."

Gage, in fact, presents the forensic, eyewitness and photographic evidence that three World Trade Center skyscrapers were destroyed by explosives on September 11, 2001. In the days following the tragedy, the words "controlled demolition" were constantly repeated by news commentators.  officials note that those early stories have long disappeared from the corporate news media, having been replaced by the thought-stopping phrase "conspiracy theory."
Richard Gage

The major plank in the story is this. They insist that anyone who trusts his or her senses can see that WTC7, a massive steel skyscraper adjacent to the Twin Towers, fell so suddenly and symmetrically that it could only have been imploded.

Gage noted, "NIST 's government scientists, determined to show how the first steel building in history was reduced to rubble by 'normal office fires,' worked for seven years to devise a computer simulation that is full of errors and omissions." Gage, a member of the American Institute of Architects, has been as he calls it "exposing" deception vis-a-vis the computer model on his tour.

This is all pretty wild stuff.  Allegations like 9/11 has given rise to an amorphous new enemy -terror-  a pervasive ill-defined threat that has cost Canada and the US trillions in both foreign and domestic policy.   Furthermore, the group talks about I sabotaged trust between Christians and Muslims, and   giving the West carte blanche to invade oil-rich lands that are claimed to foster terror against it.
Gage gave up his career to found the 18,000-member organization Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth.  His theme is  exposing 9/11 internationally, showing it to be a false pretext for military aggression in the Middle East. Below is the video:

McKee had two stints with The Suburban: 1988-89 and  1997-2005. He  now works as a freelance journalist and copywriter and is currently contributing to an upcoming anthology on the subject of false flag operation  You can check out his blog here.  He has gotten over half a million hits since 2010. 

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  1. Sandra JayMarch 20, 2014

    Thank you for writing about this event. We need more journalists who are unafraid of "going there". People can make up their own minds once they see the presentation, but everybody needs to be given the chance to know all the facts about 9/11, and it starts with the 3rd Tower, WTC 7, which so many people are still unaware of. Imagine Place Ville Marie with a handful of office fires suddenly collapsing to the ground in under 7 seconds, straight down, through the path of MOST resistance. On what planet would that seem normal??

    1. Really ?? your comparing an office " fire ", to A fully loaded Jet flying at over 600 miles an hour with Ton's of fuel ?? Think the crackpot has found his ideal Audience member .. you.

    2. "A fully loaded Jet flying at over 600 miles an hour with Ton's of fuel" NEVER hit WTC Building 7 - so who is the "crackpot"?

  2. Really Sandra ?? PVM office fire vs two fully loaded Jet airplanes travelling at more than 600 MPH, fully loaded with fuel and people ?? Really ? that's your comparison ? Looks like this guy just found his target audience, another sucker to pay him 15$ to spew garbage.

  3. Who cares what Ed Asner thinks?

  4. See this is exactly what we mean! World Trade Center 7 wasnt HIT by any plane!!! And NIST, has stated it was brought down by normal office fires!! Please people, take a few minutes to look it up yourself!