Sunday 25 May 2014

The three Tramley siblings and their outstanding takeoff on Habs Rock The Sweater video

Rapper Annakin Slayd’s latest Habs video, Rock the Sweater, has already gone viral on YouTube.  It is inspired by Roch Carrier's classic cartoon The Sweater. 

As the Habs continue in post-season play (with perhaps one more game left), there are a number of new videos coming out using Slayd’s song. A case in point are West Island siblings   Elyssa, Pryor and Brynn Tramley, aged are 11, 9 and 6. Judge for yourself. This is a fantastic piece.

Steve and Desta minus their singing trio.
“My three kids put this together on their own,” says mom Desta Klemm. “This was.100 percent kid created, from choreography to editing. Elyssa was behind most of it I suspect. She takes competitive dance quite a few hours per week and loves to make up these videos with her dance and school friends. As you have seen, she also likes to perform with her brother and little sister. I was gardening that afternoon in the rain and and they came out to get a short clip of me with the dog. My husband was in our home office working when they begged him to come out and make an appearance. So they likely spent half a day on it.

“Pryor is a hockey player and is likely the Habs’ biggest fan and supporter. He was more than happy to take part in the production and supply props like the Stanley Cup and the flag. All three kids have watched every game of the playoffs to some degree. It has been so exciting to watch that it is getting harder and harder to get them to bed before 8  p.m on those school nights ! We at least picked a good one to let them stay up to the very end ....the last game in the series against Boston. This is what gave them inspiration to take their favorite song of the season and put together a video using Video Star. In the end it was a birthday  gift for their Uncle Ryan and cousin Reid. My husband Steve and I thought they did a great job on it. It is a Hallmark moment for us when the three of them cooperate and get along so nicely without us intervening in any way. We are lucky they get along so well and enjoy doing this type of thing. Hopefully it sends good vibes to the Canadiens, who we will be rooting for.”

Rock the sweater go habs go!

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