Wednesday 6 August 2014

All-star NHL defenceman Kris Letang is getting his "adrenaline" rush in Montreal

If there is a professional athlete discreetly training or hanging outside somewhere in Montreal, Daniel Alon will find him. The 22 years old John Molson School of Business student has a knack for catching up with celebrities from the world of sports. Kris Letang, the all-star defenceman for the Pittsburgh Penguins, is the latest on his list. Daniel bumped into Letang at the Adrenaline Performance Centre on Devonshire in TMR.

"He trains there during the summer," Alon said. "He was very friendly, willing to take a picture and and sign an autograph" 

Kris Letang chats with Daniel Alon.
Last winter, at the age of only 26, Letang suffered a stroke.  At the time some wondered whether he would ever play again. But in April, 10 weeks later,  he was given the all clear sign to return.

The Associated Press reported that hockey did not cause the stroke,so  a return to play would not represent a risk. Letang  said he knows he also must accept the uncertainty that comes with experiencing strokes, in general."Right from the start they told me it's something that can happen whenever: sitting around, walking around," Letang told AP.  "I'm not scared to go out there and play. I just feel comfortable right now.

Others who train under the guidance of Jonathan Chamberg at Adrenaline include NHLers Benoit Pouliot, Jakub Voracek, boxer Jean Pascal and even gorgeous singer Chantal Chamandy.

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