Wednesday 17 September 2014

Bell Fibe TV subscribers can enjoy "excellent" new Give Back Montreal program

Leslie Perez is our newest star
Subscribers to  Bell Fibe TV in Montreal can now access an unprecedented new program which shares heart-warming personal life stories about local philanthropists and profiles the respective organizations they support in the same episode.

Give Back Montreal is hosted by the dynamic Leslie Perez, a marketing and communications professional who also serves as the producer. She began working on the concept a year ago and her touch is immediately evident in a catchy opening sequence which includes a variety of different Montrealers endorsing her theme.
Leslie Perez
The show appears on Bell Local is to engage local Canadian communities by working together to create and share entertaining, informative and inspiring local stories.  To access this show and others 24/7, one must go to channel 1217, press select, “view all” and then when on the  Greater Montreal category go to “view all” again and scroll down to find the episodes.

Perez says she wanted to create a show that highlights the ways philanthropists become who they are as a result of their personal trials. “Many philanthropists undergo life-changing hardships and one of the most constructive ways they deal with their challenges is by giving back or advocating for the cause they believe in; my goal is to reveal just that,” said Perez, a single mother of two who opens up about that experience and even showcases her daughters in the opening.

The first two episodes profile  Diane and Sal Guerrera, major contributors to The Miriam Foundation and influential advocates for children and adults with autistic spectrum disorders or intellectual disabilities; and  lawyer Norton Segal and his connection to the Friendship Circle, which provides assistance and support to children with special needs.

I watched both shows with great interest. Who knows? Leslie  could become the Barbara Walters of Montreal!

Here is the catchy opening:

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