Sunday 19 October 2014

Habs-less at the Hilton in Quebec City

I just returned from a weekend conference in Quebec City. We were based at the beautiful Hilton Hotel, where most of the Members of the National Assembly stay while the government sits.  I was not able to find out whether Pierre Karl Peladeau, the  flamboyant new PQ MNA for St. Jerome and possible future leader, is one of their guests. And while he insists that he has nothing to do with his media properties, I wonder how he would have felt on Saturday night.
The fist pump that saved Canada. But what about the Hilton PKP?
I had a session starting at 8 p.m. so I made sure to eat dinner  at 6 p.m. and headed back to my room to watch the beginning of the Canadiens game against Patrick Roy's Colorado Avalanche. I turned to CBC, which actually airs the Rogers Network broadcast, only to learn that they would be showing the Maple Leafs vs. the Red Wings. City  TV had the Habs game.  As a frantically searched the dial I quickly learned that the Hilton does not carry City. I picked up Le Journal de Qu├ębec and sure enough the Canadiens contest was being shown on Peladeau's TVA Sports Network.  I went through the channels again and wouldn't you know it, the Hilton does not have that channel either! How is this possible in supposedly hockey mad Quebec City, where the Florida Panthers might land next year.

Fortunately I was able to squeeze my way into the executive lounge, where they have Bell Fibe TV (sorry Mr Peladeau) and had them put the Habs game on. I watched the first period and all was well.

With TVA Sports owning the right 22 regular season games, as well as playoff action, for the next 12 years I would suggest that the Hilton get its act together.

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