Sunday 5 October 2014

Room Service gives new meaning to home delivery of your meal

There is an entire new meaning to the words  “Room Service” in Montreal thanks to the work of  Concorda University John Molson School of Business grads Moustafa El Naggar and Mazen Nadim, Room Service  is the name of their downtown restaurant, which specializes in the home delivery of piping hot meals right to your door.

El Naggar and Nadim

During Breast Cancer Awareness Month they have launched a new strawberry milkshake called Rose Vif., with proceeds being donated to the Cure Foundation. There are also pink pumpkins in the house for Halloween.

El Naggar recently reopened Room-Service, which he launched one year ago, taking over Buns Hamburger House  (Best Burger in Montreal  by CULTMontreal 2010-2014) at 3673 St. Laurent Boulevard with the signature $5 burger buns available for delivery.  ‘‘We deliver culinary sensations to your door, just like a hotel,’’ he explains, noting that ‘‘We are now also getting calls from working people, who are stuck late at the office.’’

Matthew McKean,  now executive chef at Rosewood, Jonas’ new restaurant, developed the menu with Moustafa.

Business is growing quickly. Moustafa has already provided employment for 10 people, as well as four free-lancers. From his international business studies, El Naggar understands the need not only to be first to market, but to ‘own’ that position.  He is building the brand with comprehensive social media and tightly-targeted promotional campaigns.

Bilal arrives with my order.

‘‘I am my market,’’ El Naggar adds. ‘‘Dishes are designed with my peers in mind. We offer fusion pizza with Indian spices for example, and chicken tandoori quesadillas, as well as full meals such as Pacific salmon. I know from experience that sweets are needed, so we have developed both healthy – rice pudding – and super sinful – double chocolate cupcakes. There is a choice of soft drinks as well as comforting milkshakes.’’

Delivery to the Greater Montreal and West Island areas  is as ‘‘chic’’ as a hotel service, with  drivers like ours named Bilal arriving in branded uniforms. Food is easy to eat, delivered in micro-waveable containers with cutlery.  The most popular dishes are philly cheese steak sandwich.  

I decided to give it a try today at my office. A colleague and I each ordered a strawberry milkshake. I opted for the chicken pesto pizza while Brigida  sampled the California Cobb Salad. She gave it a big thumbs up, especially the dressing and the soft breaded slices of chicken. Regarding the milkshake, I have never actually tried the strawberry variety before, but this one was great.

Besides the  delivery option, the funky sit-down resto on very cool Saint-Laurent is open until 4 a.m. (on Fridays and Saturdays due to the huge influx of beautiful young things dancing  - and eating - the night away Other nights it is  open until 2 a.m.

For more information call 514-709-7666

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