Thursday 30 April 2015

Jennifer Garner arrives in Montreal to shoot movie called Nine Lives

Flying back from a business trip in Los Angeles Wednesday afternoon, local pharmaceutical executive Katia Betito was surprised to meet noted American actress Jennifer Garner on her flight.
Jennifer Garner
Kevin Spacey
"I spoke to her," said Katia. "She was gracious, nice, down to earth and beautiful! She's here for a month, or so someone with her  told me."

Garner, who has three young children with her actor husband Ben Affleck, is here solo to star in a movie called Nine Lives,  which also features Kevin Spacey as a workaholic businessman who is transformed into his family's cat.  Wow, as a cat lover I can't wait to see this one! The great Christopher Walken and Flash star Robbie Amell are also part of the cast. 

Katia Betito took this shot of Garner at LAX en route to Montreal.

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