Sunday 13 September 2015

Yeh!Yogurt continues to expand; Fairview closure part of restructuring

Yeh! Yogurt and Café has closed its Fairview Centre location in Pointe Claire. But officials there note that the decision is related to restructuring at the company and the movement to franchised stores. 

Yeh!  is expanding rapidly in the Orient and the Middle East as well as Western Canada. They also just opened a Yeh! Express at the Walmart in Laval's Ste. Dorothée district.

The Fairview location was placed in the large food court. This did not turn out to be the best of spots. First off, there are many competitors in terms of dessert options. Paysanne Gelato, for instance, is placed right near one of the most convenient entrances near Old Navy.  Yeh! is better suited for storefront. My biggest gripe with the Fairview food court is the fact it does not have free WiFi, something the younger Yeh! customers tend to enjoy.

You can still get your West Island fix for Yeh! Yogurt at Cinemas Guzzos on Sources Boulevard. My sources tell me that another West Island presence is now being looked into.


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