Sunday 11 December 2011

92.5 The Beat and TSN Radio 990 show gains in ratings

Well it looks like the new 92.5 The Beat FM format  is working out quite nicely. In its first Bureau of Broadcast Measurement (BBM) ratings period via the  Personal People Meters (PPM) method since reinventing itself from The Q 92.5 FM to the Beat, the Cogeco station showed comfortable gains from  the last survey. TSN Radio 990 (formerly  TEAM 990 and soon to be TSN Radio 690) also showed improvements.

The survey was taken between August 29 and November 27.

In terms of the weekly reach of listeners in the anglo market, Virgin Radio (516,000) remained in the lead followed by The Beat (483,000 compared to 475,000 previously), CHOM (342,000), CJAD (304,000), TSN Radio (131,000 compared to 83,000) and CBC Radio One (121,000).
In the all important  aged 25 to 54 demographic, Virgin Radio’s morning show, hosted by Freeway Frank and Lisa Player, leads the pack between 9 am and 10 am (Andrea Collins does the final hour) with a 28.9 percent share. CJAD's Andrew Carter (22.3),  Cat Spencer and Sarah Bartok at The Beat (21.4 up from 17.5), Rob Kemp and Chantal Desjardins on CHOM (20.5) and Elliott Price and Shaun Starr on  TSN Radio (6.8 up from 5.0) follow.

"The Montreal radio landscape had more competition than ever this fall, which made things fun for everyone!" said Virgin Radio brand director Mark Bergman. "As the leader our plan was not to react, rather continue providing our loyal listenership with the biggest hits in Montreal, a fun personality filled line up, all wrapped up in a premium radio brand. We're thrilled with our results! Over two million listeners and number one again with adults aged 18 to 54."

Mitch Melnick
Between 10 and 4 pm, Virgin Radio (36.7) is in the lead followed by CHOM (24.6), The Beat (23.1 from 19.7), CJAD (8.8) and TSN Radio (6.9 up from 4.5). During the drive home, from 4 pm to  7 pm, Cousin Vinny at Virgin Radio  is way out front (37.7) followed by AJ Reynolds at The Beat 20.2 (up from 19.0), Pirate” Pete Marier  at CHOM (19.3), Mitch Melnick at TSN Radio (14.8 up from 9.0) and CJAD’s Aaron Rand (13.9 up from 12.9).

“We are pleased with The Beat's first book,” commented Mark Dickie, general manager and mastermind behind the new station. “We did very with females aged 35 to 54, which is the demo we need to own for our goal to own  females aged 25 to 54. Virgin is the choice for 18 to 34 year olds and The Beat is quickly becoming the choice for adults. We aren't able to publish November's results, but the three-month trend is very impressive. It is nice to see them get rewards so early in the game.

In the overall standings, which takes into account every singer listener regardless of age, the presentation is a bit different. It shows CJAD in the lead (24.4), followed by Virgin Radio (18.3), The Beat (16.3), CHOM  (12.3), CBC Radio One 88.5 FM (8.4) and TSN Radio (4.0). These are not the numbers, though, that advertisers take a particularly close look at.

“We know that Montrealers are embracing The Beat. Our mission every day is to make sure more and more people tune us in and sample our great radio station. We are hearing that once someone has sampled The Beat they are almost immediately making the station their preferred choice to listen to. We get feedback through our street team, Facebook postings, listener calls and emails.”

For Wayne Bews, general manager of TSN Radio 990 he had one word to sum up his reaction. "Proud," he responded. "We knew getting the rights to the Montreal Canadiens would help us. But keep in mind that when this survey was taken, the Canadiens were only playing during six of  the 13 weeks."

Bews says the most telling statistic is how the station performed with the male aged 25 to 54 demographic, where they were previously in fifth place with a 3.7 share. From  7 pm to 11 pm Monday through Saturday evenings, they are now number one with a 19.8 share ahead of Virgin Radio (17.3). "All of our staff worked really hard from the time we got the rights last June," he says. "This is really an excellent start."

The Beat spent a lot of money to promote the new station, via newspaper ads, billboards and bus stop posters. “Advertising does work,” says Dickie. “It creates the awareness for sampling - then it is up to our on-air team, programming, music and promotions to deliver.”


  1. Looks like the big shakeup at CJAD has no fizz. Go figure.

  2. I don't know where you get your information but I read the ratings as 92.5 down 1.9 and if you take into consideration the new call sign of the beat (CKBEFM)they are down by 3.9 points

  3. Phase 1 of the CJAD Aaron Rand Experiment: Not working. Thus, Phase 2 of the Aaron Rand Experiment just announced: Chantal Desjardins, aka, pair up a 60 yr old lech with a young lady and see if his appeal grows. Phase 3: Cut your losses and him.