Saturday 10 December 2011

Breaking news: Yangtze Restaurant to rise from the ashes with new location

The legendary Yangtze Chinese Restaurant on Van Horne Avenue in Montreal, which was destroyed by fire on December 3, will rise from the ashes.  Mel Leitman of Cavendish Business Consultants has confirmed to me that  owner Marco Yau plans to rebuild. That will take several months, so here is the really big news!
Mel Leitman

Yau has purchased the  Tchang Kiang Chinese Restaurant at  6066 Sherbrooke Street West in NDG. It closed last July after 35 years in business. Yau will rename it Tchang Kiang by Yangtze and hopes to have it fully operational before January 1. New menus are being ordered and the entire Yangtze staff – chefs, waiters and drivers- will move over to the new location, which seats  about 75 people.

The complete Yangtze  original menu will be available, as well as all of the popular choices from Tchang Kiang. When the original restaurant is restored, they will operate at two different locales. Do this sound like a chain in the making?
Joe Lipkowicz snapped this shot after the fire.

Last Sunday night I posted an item about the fire on my Suburban blog. It resulted in the most significant response to any other blog entry, with people writing to me and leaving comments from around the world. It is absolutely remarkable what a following the Yangtze has.

I expect there to be quite a buzz about the new location.  Leitman, by the way, would love to hear your suggestions. He can be reached at

Artist Carole Spandau's beautiful drawing of the original restaurant's facade.

Regarding the above painting, I contacted Carole Spandau who explained: "I painted it when they had the elaborate original marquee.  That particular marquee was something that I as an artist was compelled to paint.  The uniqueness of its design, the powerful warm colors and the overall towering effect it had on the Van Horne landscape was irresistible to me as a painter.  I have painted it many times since and I do miss being able to sketch it from life in all its splendour and glory.  That's why we artists are drawn to record the passing face of our city..". 


  1. Ah the good old days! I used to buy 10 egg rolls at $0.20/per and eat them all. MMMMMMM better than Tasty Food Pizza and less expensive than a pizza.

  2. The original spot is the only place where our hearts are!! I know Tchang Kiang while their food is good their prices are riduculous!!!
    Van Horne is the original, the best and the only spot where our families went to and continued to go too.Generations have been loyal to the same spot. Changing locations would never be the same!
    Heather Teich


    Thanks Mike for showcasing my oil painting of the Yangtze Restaurant. I used to live a block and a half from the Yangtze many years ago and and of course it became one of my favorite restaurants. Painting that one-of-a-kind spectacular marquee was a thrill for me because it allowed me to share with my viewers and art collectors a very unique and important part of our Montreal heritage. I have included a link to my fineartamerica web site where dedicated Yangzte fans may purchase prints, posters or greeting cards of this painting. I feel honored to play a small role in keeping the memory of this fine establishment alive and vibrant for all Montrealers near and far.

    Carole Spandau, Montreal

  4. Myer from Vancouver.

    Left Montreal 2 1/2 yrs ago, but still went to the Yangtze when in Montreal.
    Our children and grand children only new that Chinese food was eaten at the Yangtze in Montreal

  5. cannot wait for the yangtze to reopen - mmmm those egg rolls, won ton soup and my favorite garlic chicken livers in the rubt foos special sauce

  6. Oh yeah! i was just there in july. I make it a point to go there whenever i come back home to MTL.

  7. I think that the true secret of the world's best egg roll is the delicious combination of Yangtze's egg roll and that amazing plum sauce with which it is accompanied. I've been told by the lady at the cash that the cook that came up with the recipes for both has been with them for over 40 years, and is in his late 80's. He tried to retire, couldn't handle the non- activity of retirement and came back. The woman also assured me that even if he retires or his health fails, that they will continue to use his recipe for both the egg rolls and the plum sauce. What a relief!!

    1. The plum sauce doesn't taste the same at the new location. Very disappointed.

    2. The reason it doesn't taste the same is the plum sauce is now merely RAW CORN SYRUP with some artificial flavoring added. It is quite literally vomit inducing, I kid you not.

      Unfortunately all their recipes have completely changed since re-opening at the new location, and not in a good way. The food is so bad it is inedible. Even their staple egg-rolls and fried noodles which they were famous for are no more, replaced with something unrecognizable and awful tasting. Try it and judge it for yourself if you don't believe me, but chances are you will be vastly disappointed.

      This restaurant has no relation to the Yangtze that burned down, in essence it just borrows the name. I hate to say it, but the Yangtze is no more.

  8. I really hope it reopens quickly and the get back their original flavor!! I love those egg rolls and plum sauce! My whole family does actually... Whenever we travel to visit our family in Toronto, egg rolls from Yangtze is all the as us to bring! Real story!

  9. The original location is a landmark like Orange Julep or Shwartz's, any other spot just won't be the same. I have been in Canada since 1975 and Yangtze holds many great memories, eating in or ordering delivery. The egg rolls, plum sauce, pineapple chichen and chicken chow mein are still amazing. Even though they are getting lots of competition from all the "all you can eat" places, they are still TRADITION.