Monday 3 December 2012

Global Morning Show taking shape; time to hire on air staff

The Global Morning Show in Montreal is starting to take shape.

While there is no word yet exactly when it will hit the  airwaves, two important hires have been made.
Robert Ostiguy
Experienced writer, director and producer Robert Ostiguy has been appointed senior producer of the yet to be named show.  Jim Connell, a fixture on Montreal radio and a truly great guy, will serve as studio director.  The latter is an interesting development given the fact Connell was set to join the new AM 600 Radio station, set to launch in the spring.

"Both bring a wealth of combined on-air and production experience with them to the Global Montreal team, and will be instrumental in the development of an English-language breakfast program that will revolutionize the way news is delivered to viewers in the city,"  says Nick Poirier, a spokesman for Shaw Media, owners of Global.
Laura Casella (right) would be a good choice for Global

Poirier says that more information concerning Global Montreal’s new morning show, including the show’s on-air team and additional details regarding its format, will be made available in the coming month.
So who do you think will be part of the team? Will Tracy McKee return? Does Andrew Peplowski want back in? Amanda Jelowicki has been off for personal reasons. But if she is ready to return she'd be a good choice. Richard Dagenais did a great job on the previous Global Montreal morning show as the field reporter. He seems content as the late night anchor, but might want back in the morning. Peter Anthony Holder does a dandy job on weekends and I am sure would like a steady gig. Laura Casella is CJAD's morning field reporter. She is young, attractive and has some TV experience with CTV. Definitely someone to consider. Lisa Fisette is now  working as the Global Montreal assignment editor, but has plenty of on air experience.

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