Wednesday 5 December 2012

NDG comic Sean Keane passes away before his time

NDG native and standup comic Sean Keane passed away a few days ago. He was only in his 50s, yet suffered a fatal heart attack. 

My old friend Warren Campbell gave me the news via Toronto. Warren, myself and a bunch of friends would frequent the Comedy Nest regularly in its glory days on Bishop Street. Sean performed there often and we loved his dry humour, especially the prank phone calls he'd do. I got to know Sean off stage too.

He was not anything like his act, in which he would typically come out wearing a suit and dark glasses with his hair slicked back. He would talk in a very deep voice and sway his body back and forth. His jokes were lighting fast and funny. Nope, Sean was in fact a little bit shy when you'd see him in person.
In recent years I would run into Sean often at the Provigo on Sherbrooke Street West in NDG. He'd always be headed to the cash with some cat food. Sean adored the feline species, as do I. We were supposed to sit down for an interview. "Why would you want to write about me?" he asked.

I even proposed he return to his old school to talk to kids about life as a standup comic. He was considering the offer. Well, just take a look at  his recent performance (below) at the Winnipeg Comedy Festival. Sean had a unique style and delivery. Audiences ate up his humour. My sympathies go out to his friends and family. Hopefully Sean is up there enjoying a few laughs with Comedy Nest founder Ernie  Butler, another man who we lost way too soon.

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  1. Seane Keane is NO Longer in the house !!! R.I.P.

    Thanks for all the laughs !!!

    (Fan !!!)