Monday 21 April 2014

Identity Crisis - A Celebration of Poutine, Opera, & the Multicultural Mosaic

In the wake of the defeat of Pauline Marois and the Parti Quebecois,  Montreal-based actors/comedians  Ken Fernandez and Armand Naftali will present a pretty unique show  at the Leonardo DaVinci Centre on Saturday, April 26 (8 pm.) in St. Leonard. It is called The Voice Kings Present: Identity Crisis - A Celebration of Poutine, Opera, & the Multicultural Mosaic .
You might recognize  Fernandez for his  6/49 commercial,  currently running on TV. Naftali   has over two decades of experience as an Elvis impersonator. His repertoire now extends to Tom Jones, Julio Iglesias, Willie Nelson and  Michael Jackson. 

What can be expected from their new show?    Mandela and Elvis discussing exclusion on account of supposed values, and the importance of overcoming stereotypes and prejudice, followed by an Elvis solo; a Marois’ PQ fund raising book launch  La Nation C’est Nous, les 101 poemes de Pauline, to be interspersed with statements from Jewish, Muslim, Sikh, Hindu, Chinese, and Italian community leadersPauline urging her supporters and  the Liberal government to enact  Bill 202 : the  Law on the Poutinization of Quebec (to   include the legal obligations of “ethnic” restaurateurs regarding La Semaine Internationale de la Poutine - integral to Bill 202 , words from  Inspector Jean-Guy Laferrière of the OPPPNQ,  as well as the reactions of various cultural communities in accents and imitation language.

Also to be featured: Jazzotopes, the band whose multi-ethnic make-up underscores the vitality of Canadian multiculturalism  which will provide the background music.

All of the ticket information can be found on the poster below:

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