Wednesday 12 November 2014

Cat Spencer to mark 30 years on radio

Congratulations to one of the nicest guys in radio, The Beat  925 FM morning man Cat Spencer. On Thursday, November 13 he will mark an incredible 30 years in radio.

Cat, whose co-host is the adorable and charismatic Sarah Bartok, has been with The Beat for four years now. He came aboard just as they were about to launch the new name and format to replace Q 92.  In fact, he had been named the successor to Aaron Rand several months earlier but because he was still under contract to Virgin Radio at the time he had to stay home and wait for a certain period of time to expire.
Cat has called Montreal home for decades,  but  he was born in Saskatoon. He got his first job at the age of 17 in Fort Frances, Ontario. From there, it was on to the bright lights of Moose Jaw, Edmonton, Toronto and, of course, Montreal. Cat often brags that for the first 18 years of his career he never missed a day of work! Now that streak is over: he has two young kids who bring home germs from school so he calls in sick all the time!  

For those who listen to the show, you will know that Cat has tremendous chemistry with Bartok and news/traffic reporter Natasha Hall and their cast of many others. He always good for a few gags each morning, notably his hilarious prank phone calls for which he comes clean at the end.

Good luck Cat!!

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