Tuesday 11 November 2014

Yeh! Yogurt introduces grilled cheese to its menus

I dropped by the Quartier Cavendish location of Yeh! Yogurt today just before lunch time and was pleasantly surprised to see that grilled cheese had been added to the menu at the special introductory price of $2.99.

Yeh! stores boast a self-serve format offering over 60 revolving flavours of frozen yogurt.  At Yeh! the customer can choose from a wide variety of healthy and sweet toppings in an attractive and hip “urban cool” funky pink setting  –pink being the official colour. The debut of grilled cheese shows that this place is a lot more than just yogurt.  At most locations you can purchase healthy shakes, both sweet and savory crepes, premium coffee, iced coffee and waffle cones or bowls.  There are even soups at some locales.

Ariel showcases a grilled cheese sandwich and chocolate shake.
Ariel, the shift manager when I visited, said that the grilled cheese sandwiches are catching on. At the Cavendish location they should become popular with students from the nearby schools in particular. Mimi Cohen (no relation), the marketing director for Yeh! Yogurt, said that the company has developed  "a secret signature grilled cheese recipe that makes ours so mouth watering delish."

Asked to elaborate, Mimi said: "We have  a unique grilling technique using our Waffle-Irons. The extreme heat emitted from the iron combined with the perfect level of pressure carmelizes the butter and adds a crispiness to the bread. The result is a unique flavour and a mouth watering grilled cheese experience like none other out there!"

Having taken the taste test today, I must agree. It was one of the better grilled cheese sandwiches I have had in some time. 

Owners Jon and Marvin Gurman are looking at worldwide expansion for Yeh!Yogurt, with destinations as far as Lebanon and China about to join the family.

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