Saturday 13 June 2015

Gloria Henriquez makes her on-air debut on Global TV

For the past couple of years I got to know Gloria Henriquez in her role as a producer for The Global Morning News. A 2010 Journalism graduate from the University of King's College, she came to Montreal with her boyfriend Douglas Gellevan when the latter got hired as CBC TV and Radio sportscaster. Gloria lined up the guests for hosts Camille Ross and Richard Dagenais and  her charming personality made it pretty impossible to say "no" to any requests.
Gloria Henriquez

Global TV Montreal recently conducted some layoffs due to the change in format of the morning show. Shaw Media decided to add a national newscast to the program. That resulted in less local content and the departures of control room director  Jim Connell, Dagenais and Henriquez.

Henriquez told me she asked news director Karen Macdonald if she could do some freelancing for Global and the boss responded with a few immediate assignments. In fact, I was part of two of them last week alone: one on the subject of  school board elections and another on the planned  closure of Manoire Montefiore in Côte Saint-Luc. She handled both assignments like a grizzled veteran.  Here is one of them. Hopefully we will see her filling in for Jessica Laventure on morning weather this summer as well.

Global is presently down one permanent reporter: veteran Domenic Fazioli stepped away recently for personal reasons. We have now learned that he is not expected to return. The post will likely be filled by one of the many talented freelancers on staff.

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