Saturday 14 May 2011

Chomedey native Lieberman hits it big at Sun News Network

As the granddaughter of Holocaust survivors, television reporter Caryn Lieberman has always wanted to do that little extra to sensitize the public about the horrors of what the Nazis did. So when she was hired recently by the newly established Sun News Network one of the first things she asked her new superiors about was whether she could voluntary continue a special project she had started while at CP24, CTV’s all-news channel in Toronto.

SNN is now being streamed live on the internet for folks like me who do not get it on local cable.

“For the past four years I have taken the opportunity during Holocaust Education Week in November to do a program by interviewing survivors and allowing them to tell their stories,” said Lieberman, who won the 2010 Adrienne Clarkson Award for Diversity for her latest one hour special on CP24. “I am looking forward to bringing this to Sun TV.”

Sun TV officially hit the airwaves in late April as Canada’s third English-language national all-news channel. The ravishing 30 year old Lieberman is the weekend anchor. During the weekdays she will serve as a news reporter covering stories of national and international interest. Lieberman has provided live coverage of major breaking news stories from Toronto, Montreal and Quebec City for Global Television and CTV News. She began her journalism career in Montreal in 2000 after graduating cum laude from Concordia University, specializing in journalism and communication studies. She left Global without any specific job prospects, intent upon finding work in the media capital of Canada. After knocking on the door of CTV she got a lucky break and was hired as a writer. She returned to the air with CP24, where she was quite happy.

“I applied for a job at Sun TV some time ago and did not hear anything,” Lieberman recalled. “Then one day I was called for an interview by a panel of four people. Three months passed until they got back to me and made an offer. I had never anchored before, so that was a pleasant surprise. I am really enjoying the whole experience.”

Lieberman, who attended the United Talmud Torahs and Herzliah Jewish day schools is married to online marketing researcher Brian Lafleche. Regarding SUN TV. Lieberman notes how “everything I imagined became a reality here with a different take on traditional news coverage that people will welcome with open arms. On the weekends we will be injecting a combination of flavour, fun, and fact into our coverage with human interest and political stories that affect people.”

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