Monday 17 February 2014

Life after CJAD: Claude Beaulieu and Sheldon Fried seek new challenges

I caught up with Claude Beaulieu and Sheldon Fried recently, two longtime CJAD staffers who were let go when the Bell Media takeover set in last fall. Beaulieu originally joined CJAD in October 1983, hired by the legendary Gord Sinclair.  He is now trying to make a living as a freelance writer and being his own boss. 
Claude Beaulieu

I am past disappointment,” says Beaulieu. “My dismissal from CJAD is behind me, and  I am now looking ahead.  I'm seizing the opportunity that's been handed me to turn a corner and I've decided to do something new.  Actually, writing is something old. I've taken a few writing jobs already and  I am thoroughly enjoying it.  While I do miss talking to the audience, in particular to those of The Suburban's readers who moonlight as CJAD listeners, I can attest that there is indeed life after radio.

 Here is Claude's Linked In infomercial: "Claude is a freelance copywriter and translator with vast experience as a reporter in the electronic media. A strong communicator noted for attention to detail and exemplary command of written English, Claude was a witness to many of the major political and other events that shaped the Montreal, Quebec and Canada of today. His broad experience, talent and professionalism make him a valuable resource for your written communication needs."

As for Sheldon Fried,  a master operator for decades at CJAD,  he is also moving on. “On Monday mornings I am taking French courses,” he shares. “On Tuesdays and Thursdays I go to workshops through La Passerelle, which caters to people ages 40 on up to help them get back into the job market. In May I will be going to McGill University in the evenings and will be taking Human Resources Management. One thing I can definitely say
Sheldon Fried
is that I was very fortunate in working with the best people in the business, the legends and the new up and coming people. This was a passion and something I always dreamed of doing since I was a student in high school and at least I know in my mind that I have accomplished this and that no one can take away the wonderful memories.”

If you are looking for a truly bilingual copywriter or a great voice, Claude can be found here on Linked In. Sheldon is happily reachable via  his Facebook page.


  1. Great guys, both. I had the privilege of being friends and colleagues of theirs. Just another example of throwing out the baby with the bathwater on the part of Bell Media. But as you can see the future is still ahead of these men.

  2. Mike, thank you for writing this piece. Sheldon is my brother. I am extremely proud of everything he's accomplished. I wrote a piece about it asking the public for their help in pointing Sheldon in a direction. I would really appreciate it if you could print it here or wherever you think it would make a difference.